Website Design & Development

Client: Greenhouse in the Snow Canada Inc.

Pentone Portfolio - Greenhouse in the Snow Canada Website

The client requested a new and refreshed website that could be hosted in Canada. I offer hosting through Vendasta and was able to do this for them. They wanted a modern feel, single page website that looked like the branding they had already developed through their social profiles, printed brochures, and signage. Using design elements from those I created a full photoshop mock-up that we used to review before development. Once approved, I began development of the site on a Staging URL so that progress could be tracked. I also created a colour guide that they could use for any future online projects.

Date & Client:

December 2023
Greenhouse In The
Snow Canada Inc.


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Cabin Fever Coffee Co. - Pentone Portfolio Website
Pentone Portfolio - Website Section
Pentone Portfolio - Website Section
Pentone Portfolio - Top Shelf Web Page
Pentone Portfolio - Simple HEX Colour Palette